Arts & Sciences Activites

Arts & Sciences

The Arts & Sciences are the activities in our group that allow us to exercise our joy in recreating the cultural aspects of the Middle Ages. If you’ve seen it in a museum, someone in the SCA is trying to recreate it.

Our Barony offers a wide variety of classes on everything from calligraphy to cooking; from leatherworking to candle dipping; from wood burning to the French law in the 14th century. Classes are offered year round by people who have a passion for the skill they have practiced or the area they have researched. We also have many artisans in the group who share their projects and methods with any who are interested and will sit and talk for as long as you’ll listen. If someone locally isn’t doing what you are interested in, we can help you find someone is to talk to from any of our groups located all over the world. At events, there are Arts & Sciences displays, artisan meet ups and competitions. Borealis holds an Arts & Sciences competition at our Yule event to determine our Arts & Sciences Champion for the upcoming year. You can contact the Borealis Minister of Arts & Sciences if you need more information.

Bardic Arts

A magician performing their tricks in front of a crowd of awed children. A group of friends sitting around a campfire singing songs and telling stories. A poet standing before a feast hall and reciting a poem of love.

If you have a performance talent you wish to develop or share, then the Bardic Arts are an activity you might enjoy.

The Bardic Arts encompasses all of the performing arts that can be found within our society that entertain the people of our Barony, our Kingdom and beyond. There is no formal way to become a bard. You just show up and sing, play, tell stories, or whatever type of performance you do. We hold Bardic practices on-line and in person. At events, you`ll find Bardic circles where people go to hear performances, and there are Bardic competitions held throughout the year. Borealis holds a Bardic competition at our Yule event to determine our Bardic Champion for the upcoming year. You can contact the Borealis Minister of Arts & Sciences or join the Bards of Avacal Facebook group if you need more information.

Medieval Dance

One of the great pastimes of the Middle Ages was dancing. Whether it is a tangling line dance or a stately pavane, dance was always present at medieval festivities.

The Barony of Borealis holds dance practices for people who wish to learn the steps, claps and hip sways of these dances to be done at events for fun or to entertain. If you are interested in this art form, please contact the Borealis Minister of Arts & Sciences for more information or check the calendar for practice dates.