Sergeants are dedicated individuals who challenge themselves to develop the chivalric qualities and ideals esteemed within the Society for Creative Anachronism.

A Sergeant of Borealis’s goal is to provide leadership within our Barony and, in turn, to the Kingdom of Avacal. By swearing fealty to Borealis, they carry on the tradition as vital members of the Barony and assist in activities such as acting as mentors and guides to newcomers, contributing to social and educational activities, and lending aid to the Coronets of Borealis or Crowns of Avacal when needed.

When an individual declares their intent to become a Sergeant, they select their focus within the Sergeantry. They can be a:

Sergeant with a focus on Armoured Combat

Gallant with a focus on Rapier Combat

Yeoman with a focus on Archery

Lancer with a focus on Equestrian

Courtier with a focus on either Arts and Sciences or Service

Warden who combines arts, archery and knowledge with displays of hunting and tracking

Sergeants receive written certification that they have been tested and admitted into the Sargeanty. They wear a buckle or other regalia displaying the arms of the Sergeantry which may include flying the Sergeantry banner seen here. Sergeants are also called to be the Baroness’ honour guard and lead on the war field if needed.

Sergeants of the Barony of Borealis do not need to be residents of Borealis. A member of any group in the Borealis vicinity may request to serve as a Sergeant and swear fealty to the Barony. They may share the acquired skills and knowledge of this position to benefit their local group.

It is a truly noble pursuit to be a member of the Borealis Sergeantry.  If a person has the courage and desire to attempt this undertaking, please contact the Coronets of Borealis. They will be happy to assist you to take your first steps toward achieving your goal.