Winter War 2023

Join Baron Jean & Baroness Guillaine

at their last Winter War!

 It will be a day filled with martial combat and other activities! War points will be awarded in Heavy, Rapier, Combat Archery, Youth Combat, Arts & Sciences and Bardic competitions. Details on scenarios will be posted on the lists. Merchants welcome!
Date & Time: 
March 17, 2023- 6:00 P.M. to
March 19, 2023- 12:00 P.M.
Wetaskiwin Civic Centre, 4513 50 Ave., Wetaskiwin, AB, T9A 2E9
Event Fees:
Adult- $25
Adult (SCA Member)- $20
Children/Youth Registration (0-17 years) – Free
Please contact Ragnar Ottarsson (Gilles Bud Sabourin) to coordinate.
Event Co-Stewards:
Sadb Jofreysdottir (Vicki Foster)
 Faelan O’Dalaigh(Gord Daly)
Due to the nature of the liquor license obtained for Winter War, if you plan on bringing alcohol to the event, we would request that you bring receipts for the alcohol you have purchased. There will be an envelope at gate for your receipts, so we can be compliant with the AGLC license.

Winter War Schedule

1:00 – 6:00 PM: Hall Set Up
6:00 PM: Hall Opens to Guests.
8:00 AM: Camping packed and out of the hall.
9:00 – 11:00 AM: Archery War
10:00 – 11:00 AM: Rapier Armour Inspection
10:00 – 3:00 AM: Arts and Science & Bardic set-up and competitions
11:00 – 1:00 PM: Rapier War
12:30 – 1:00 PM: Youth armour Inspections
12:30 – 1:30 PM: Youth Armored Combat
1:30 – 2:30 PM: Heavy Armour Inspection
2:30 – 5:00 PM: Heavy Combat War
5:00 – 5:30 PM: Rapier and Heavy pickups
7:30 PM: Court
After court will be Dancing & Socializing …until the wee hours!
9:00 AM: Camping Packed
9:00 -12:00 PM: Hall Clean Up
12:00 PM: Hall Closes.

Winter War Activities


War is upon us! No one is safe as The Great Baron and Baroness of Borealis have declared Bardic will be upon the Warfield! All shall feel the wrath of the tales, songs and performances of our vast lands. Make yourselves known and declare your allegiances upon arrival. The challenge will commence Friday evening and end Saturday evening. Points will be awarded by secret Bardic Mashalls, trust no one. Most points by closing court wins.

Arts & Sciences

Bring your creativity out to play as you make something interesting and wonderful using only the materials provided. Materials will be plentiful, but tools will be limited, so bring scissors! (Seriously, you’re going to need scissors!). You may bring other tools you think may be helpful. The war point goes to the side that creates the highest number of creations. A small token will be awarded to the item which is most interesting and creative


Warm-up “Snowball” Fight – No Resurrections, No RBGs, No Props necessary Everyone starts on the outer edge. At the call of “lay on”, find a victim. The winner becomes the leader of that duo. Go find another duo and repeat. Repeat until they have two equal size teams on the field. Face off and fight to the last team standing.
War Point Scenarios {For each scenario, every person with an RBG will be allowed 3 shots per round and shields are immune to RBG ammo. Resurrections will be kept track of with tokens of some sort}
Beware the Road – 2 Resurrections, Death From Behind Allowed 10-20 mins Props: Roll of tape to mark out roads and a marshal with a stopwatch app to time the fight. On the highway to a diplomatic visit to a neighboring barony, a convoy travels through the countryside. There are rumors of “moosassins” in the adjacent hills. The convoy must be wary as it traverses the roads of the kingdom. The Convoy respawn point and the point where the baron is to be going will be placed at opposite sides of the field, while the moosassins’ respawn will be in a camp in the woods.The baron can only move and fight if they are within arm’s reach of at least one live convoy fighter. If there are no live convoy members around, the baron must put their weapons behind their back and stay where they are until the convoy or moosassins retrieve them. While captured by the moosassins, the baron may not fight back. While moving the baron, the tron escorting the baron can only walk, no running. If you are not part of the tron moving the baron, your movement is unrestricted. This includes the moosassins. The convoy’s objective is to either kill all the moosassins or get the baron to his goal, while the moosassins’ objective will be to either kill all the convoy members or capture the baron and bring him back to their camp. Whoever completes their goal first will get the point. Someone will time the battles. If it is decided that we have enough time to switch sides, then the point will go to either the team that won both rounds or, if both teams win one round each, the team that completed their objective the quickest in the round they won. If it is decided that there is not enough time to run again, the team that completed their objective will get the point.
Bridge Battle – 3 Resurrections, Death From Behind Allowed 15-30 mins Props: Tape roads from previous scene and a bridge made of tables or cardboard After surviving the ambush of “moosassins” the convoy has only the river left before they reach the town holding the summit. However, scouts come back reporting trouble ahead. The convoy must use the bridge to cross the river. Though you can traverse the river, you can only do it by jumping from ice floe to ice floe. If you misstep you will fall to an icy death. Last team standing will win the point. If you are on an ice floe, you may shoot RBGs at enemies on the bridge, but you may not engage them with your sword(s). The bridge is too high to reach.
The Townsfolk are Hostile – No Resurrections for Townsfolk [Unlimited Resurrections for convoy], Death From Behind Allowed Props: At least 3 buildings marked out with tables, cardboard, or tape and a marshal with a stopwatch app to time the fight.This is the final battle. Townsfolk and Convoy resurrection points will be on opposite ends of the field, with the town in between. The Convoy’s goal is to eliminate all the Townsfolk as quickly as possible. The Townsfolk’s goal will be to survive for as long as possible. Someone will time the battle and the teams will switch sides. The team that kills all the Townsfolk the quickest will win the point. No shooting or fighting through building walls, only designated doorways. Fighters must have line of sight on their opponent before engaging i.e no shooting or stabbing around corners.

Armoured Combat

The war will start with a traditional grand melee. After that we will move into the points battles, it will be a standard push battle. We start in open field then the victor pushes the defender back to their bridge then back to their castle for final victory!
Archery will be allowed for all battles. The scoring will be best 2/3. After the points battles there will be fun scenarios until we run out of time or until we are kicked off the field.



Hear ye all stout archers of Avacal! Head the call of war! Gather your bows and steel yourselves for Winter War combat archery war point! This shall be a multi target, multi distance 30 second timed target style shoot making use of combat archery equipment, and as such there shall be no armor requirement nor authorization requirement for this scenario. Merely come forth with your equipment for inspection, declare your affiliation, and light ‘em up! The shoot will take place during the youth combat tournament inside the hall. During this time preference will be given to those that are participating in the heavy fighting scenarios. Please note that if time, weather, and equipment allow the shoot will move outdoors and will be opened to the general populace. That’s right! You will have the opportunity to turn the tide of war!


1st point – Grand Melee –
Wherever the winning is from will score the point.
2nd point – Field Battle (Army 1, 2 against 3, 4)
3rd point – Bridge Battle (Army 1, 3 against 2, 4)
4th point – Castle Battle (Army 1, 4 against 2, 3)
5th point – Castle Battle (Army 1, 2 against 3, 4)
The armies are Borealis, Montengarde, Mygran Wood and The Rest. Army positions will be chosen at random.


Service War Point

War is soon upon us. As a member of the Tross myself, I know what it’s like to watch your friends and family engage in battle and wonder how you might contribute to a victory. Sadly we will have no need to prep cannon loads, or pick over the field for spoils of war as I normally do. But fear not, we DO have ways you can contribute to the war effort, and maybe even tip the balance of power to your side! I am looking for volunteers for Gate and Marshalling the Rapier War. Spending just 1 hour at gate or field marshalling the war will get give a point to your side of choice in the war! If you are interested in marshalling ANY activity, please talk to the Champion or MIC. If you’re available to help marshal the Rapier War, please comment here or contact me, Adelheid Holtzhauer.

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.